Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yes I know...

Um..excuse me Aunt DeeDee..I have an important phone call to take..

Matt and David Easter


It's been awhile.. so here are some pics to enjoy until Saturday... I have a post it to write ALL the things that have been going on...

Friday, February 6, 2009


The boys love to dress up in costumes... Power Rangers, Superman, Spiderman are the favorites

I had pumped David up about Heroes, he was so excited to watch it with me. But the poor lil' one had a cold..he was telling me his nose was running..he watched all but the last 10 minutes of when he went downstairs and crashed in mom's arms... He likes Sylar....he would get excited everytime he was on tv..

This was what I saw one day just walking by and there is a car stuck to the wall... BOYS!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Welcome To Virginia

My New Home
Andy.... all packed and ready to go

Beautiful sunset over Mississippi River

Yes, I know..I am behind on so many things... so I decided to start over on my blog.
First thing first, I am in VA now.. like it so far.. bro and family are great! The boys are ..well boys! I love being much closer to them! Packing and moving was an experience. I packed wrong, well let's just say I had alot of small boxes that took up more room than if I had just used big boxes. But Bro and I got everthing into the Uhaul and Truck, including the cat.

Roderick helping Bro park the trailer
Bro and me
I have also started my second semester at NCTC. Finished last semester with a 3.0, this time around I am taking 3 classes. Yea, not doing that next semester. I am also looking for a job as those who know me..I hate not working... I know I has only been two weeks but still.... I just can't stay at home. It is driving me nuts!
Well, SIL and I are going to do some errands so I will write more and catch everyone up more later..